“They are as children, playing with their toys in a house on fire”

The Buddha

The Buddha called mindfulness the “flood stopper,” meaning it has the potential to stop the flood of greed, hatred, and delusion at the core of our dystopic descent and, instead, enable a fuller emergence of a new story born from our loftiest dreams and forged by love and dedication to humane values and to each other.

In these challenging times, we all hear the urgent call to join together to do what we can to maintain a sustainable world for all. The core shift we need is realignment with Mother Nature’s Sacred Web of Life as a central priority. This includes developing a culture of degrowth to reduce consumption while transitioning from the economy of extraction for profit and power that generates an unfair and unsustainable economic system.

With the power of the Buddha
And all lineages of Awakening.

With the power of the Living Dharma/truth,
And awakening teachings uplifting all.

By the power of the Sangha,
A resilient, wise, generous, compassionate community applying the medicine of the practice.

With these powers, and in alliance with the global climate justice movement, miracles can and do happen.

At this juncture of systemic change, the intensity and pressure we all feel acts as a catalyst.

We will either devolve or evolve.

We believe if enough people, motivated by deep love and care, rise together, we stand a chance of shifting out from under the deadly systems we are caught in.

We invite you to join us as we raise our hearts and voices and act on behalf of Mother Nature, Grandmother Earth and her sacred web of life.

Time to Stand Up

– An Engaged Buddhist Manifesto For Our Earth by Thanissara

Time to Stand Up retells the story of the historical Buddha, one of the greatest sacred activists of all time, as a practical human being whose teachings of freedom from suffering are more relevant than ever in this time of global peril. Evolving onward from the patriarchal template of spiritual warriors and their quests, former nun Thanissara explores awakening from within a feminine view where the archetypes of lover and nurturer are placed as central and essential for a sustainable world.

Vital is an investigation into the pinnacle of Buddhist practice, the realization of the “liberated heart.” Thanissara questions the narrative of “transcendence” and invites us into the lived reality of our deepest heart as it guides our journey of healing, reclamation, and redemption. As the book unfolds, the author examines traditional Buddhism–often fraught with gender discrimination–and asks the important question, “Can Buddhist schools, overly attached to hierarchal power structures, and often divorced from the radical and free inquiry exemplified by the Buddha, truly offer the ground for maturing awakening without undertaking a fundamental review of their own shadows?”

Chapter by chapter, the book relates Siddhartha Gautama’s awakening to the sea-change occurring on Earth in present time as we as a civilization become aware of the ethical bankruptcy of the nuclear and fossil fuel industry and the psychopathic corporate and military abuse of power currently terrorizing our planet. Thanissara relates the Buddha’s story to real-life individuals who are living through these transitional times, such as Iraq war veterans, First Nation People, and the Dalai Lama. Time to Stand Up gives examples of the Buddha’s activism, such as challenging a racist caste system and violence against animals, stopping war, transforming a serial killer, and laying down a nonhierarchical structure of community governance, actions that would seem radical even today.

Thanissara explores ways forward, deepening our understanding of meditation and mindfulness, probing its use to pacify ourselves as the cogs in the corporate world by helping people be more functional in a dysfunctional systems–and shows how these core Buddhist practices can inspire a wake-up call for action for our sick and suffering planet Earth.


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