Guardians of the Sacred: Calling in a Ceasefire through Ceremony, Meditation, and Direct Action (Weekdays)

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Guardians of the Sacred: Calling in a Ceasefire through Ceremony, Meditation, and Direct Action (Weekdays)

Averena ca sammanti esa dhammo sanantano.
Na hi verena verāni sammantīdha kudācanam

“Hatreds never cease through hatred in this world; through love (non-hatred) alone they cease. This is an eternal law (truth).”
– The Buddha, from the Dhammapada, Translation by Narada Thera

Inspired by the Buddha, who taught his disciples protection chants to be used, in particular, in times of peril, strife, and difficulty, we offer this practice.   



DATES: Weekdays (beginning Monday, April 29th– Friday, May 24th)
TIME: 6:30 am – 7.30 am PT
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PLATFORM: Virtual (Zoom)


This offering will be rooted in a daily invocation (weekdays) calling in the spiritual power of the stream of awakening through a 40-minute (short-form) devotional practice of the Kuan Yin Great Compassion Ceremony. This will be followed by 10 minutes of silent meditation and 10 minutes of direct action together.

The suggested direct action is focused on phoning and writing to our political representatives to put pressure for a ceasefire, an end to funding the war on Gaza, and a shift to internationally overseen diplomatic and politically negotiated ways forward.



Our engaged action is inspired by all who have offered their lives over millennia for the ending of violence and oppression. Our action is also by the Elders, and all, who hold up the light of compassion, and wisdom, and are engaged in bringing about a just and fair peace.

We are inspired by a story from Standing Rock, an indigenous-led resistance movement, of a distraught grandmother who prayed for the end of the Iraq war. The spirits came to her and said, “Your prayer is a good prayer, but now everyone must pray.” Inspired by this, we offer this powerful act of collective prayer and ceremony.

We are inspired by the “One Minute Silence” through World War Two, which went around the world at 9 pm each night to nine tolls of London’s Big Ben sounding through the BBC. This initiative arose from the Avalon esoteric school in the spirit of the old Celtic ways, who, guided by the angelic realm, were asked to hold prayerful silence allowing a portal for the beings of light to bring their protective forces into our realm. Inspired by the power of prayerful silence, we offer this practice.

We dedicate this offering, inspired by the everlasting Dharma that calls us to work for the welfare of all beings through all time, all space, and in all circumstances, to the liberation of us all from the forces of greed, hatred, and delusion in these perilous times.

In Solidarity,

Thanissara, co-founder Sacred Mountain Sangha, and the SMS Team


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