SMS Sacred Practice Series– Opening to the Sacred: Steady Mind, Open Heart (4-week class)

This SMS class is dana-based, and there is no registration fee for this offering. We welcome all individuals to participate and deeply appreciate the generous support so that we may continue to share the sacred teachings.

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SMS Sacred Practice Series– Opening to the Sacred: Steady Mind, Open Heart

“So, when the mind is at its most calm, what should you do? Train it. Practice with it. Use it to contemplate. Don’t be scared of things. Don’t attach. Developing samādhi so you can just sit there and attach to blissful mental states isn’t the true purpose of the practice. You must withdraw from that. When it’s time to fight, you really have to come out with guns blazing. Eventually, you have to come out of that trench. You can’t stay sleeping there when it’s time to fight. This is the way the practice is. You can’t allow your mind to just hide, cringing in the shadows.” – Ajahn Chah


Opening to the Sacred: Steady Mind, Open Heart

We are so often caught up in the busyness and distraction of daily life that we have lost our connection to that which is sacred, both within us and around us. In extreme cases, this manifests as a disregard for ritual and a disrespect for the Earth.

Join this meditation class series to steady your mind and open your heart, develop wisdom and discernment, and explore devotion as a pillar of support for challenging times. Through guided meditations, talks, discussions, periods of silence, and devotional practices such as chanting and bowing, an opening to the sacred can take place that can transform our world—personally and collectively—strengthening an inner sense of freedom and enabling the reclamation of our deepest heart.



DATES:  Begins Thursday, March 14th and continues weekly until Thursday, April 4th, 2024
Complete dates: (3/14, 3/21, 3/28, 4/4)
TIME: 4.00pm – 5.30pm PT
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PLATFORM: Virtual (Zoom)

Donations are not required for this event. However, we ask those who are able to contribute at a level that they can as this directly supports SMS, our teachers, fellow sangha members, and more.


*This class includes meditation, dharma reflections and study, chanting, and invitations for group engagement.

All levels of experience are welcome.


Dawn Mauricio


Dawn Mauricio (she/her), a Filipina-Canadian, has been practicing and studying Insight Meditation since 2005. She graduated from the first teacher development group of True North Insight and Spirit Rock’s Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training, Dedicated Practitioners’ Program, and 4-year Retreat Teacher Training.

Known for teaching with a playful, dynamic, and heartfelt approach that is inclusive and welcoming to People of Color and folks of diverse backgrounds and identities, Dawn offers daylongs, retreats, multi-year programs, and workshops in Canada and the US for Spirit Rock, True North Insight, and Sacred Mountain Sangha.

Dawn is a co-founder of the True North Insight BIPOC practice group, serves on the guiding teachers council of True North Insight, and is a core teacher at Sacred Mountain Sangha. Dawn is the author of Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners:50 Meditations to Practice Awareness, Acceptance, and Peace.

Learn more about Dawn by visiting her website:


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