2021 set the curriculum for the decade ahead. This is the decade where we decide if we collectively evolve into the higher dream of humanity or devolve into a path toward extinction. The stakes couldn’t be higher, which is why the current planetary curriculum we’re undergoing is so very intense, ricocheting into personal and collective fault lines as the unconscious becomes conscious.

Navigating these times requires agility, open-mindedness, resilience, lightness of being, and a willingness to negotiate the shadow worlds, which in their distorted ways also seek freedom, but through destructive and dangerous means. In short, we are on notice to grow up by quickening into shared Planetary Eldership in readiness for the tasks ahead.

At Sacred Mountain Sangha, we are committed to supporting our collective evolutionary journey with its imperative for inner awakening alongside systemic transformation. As a newly founded US-based public charity with Church status, SMS has built on our 30 years of work in the UK, South Africa, and the US.

During that time, we cultivated a spiritual, integrative approach founded in Buddhist Dharma that we feel confident, particularly with the growing strength of our Leadership Council and SMS Sangha, will make a vital and unique contribution in these times.

Sacred Mountain Sangha has launched it’s second US-based Dharmapala two-year training, DPT2 and aims to develop further trainings, including a Ministry Program equipped to engage the extraordinary challenges we now face.

Alongside dedicated training, SMS is also committed to continuing depth meditation, synthesizing Theravada and Mahayana key aspects, while developing a comprehensive approach to Engaged Dharma, including a range of healing modalities. We invite you to be part of our community as we expand into our core vision and the organizational structures needed to support its outreach.


Sacred Mountain Sangha (SMS) brings the wisdom of Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism and the devotional Kuan Yin Dharma practices into global, inter-faith partnerships with equitable, diverse organizations and teachers to cultivate ecological awareness, sacred activism, and mutual belonging within the web of life. May these practices ignite liberation and joy for all beings.


Sacred Mountain Sangha (SMS) is a welcoming and diverse international community offering creative and accessible dharma programs attuned to the times, guided by the bodhisattva ideal for an integrated spiritual life. This encompasses classes, retreats, ministry, and Dharma leader training that heartfully engage the climate crisis and social justice through sacred practice and activism.


Stewardship: Inspired by the lineages of the Forest School of Ajahn Chah and the Kuan Yin Dharmas of Master Hua, we cherish and preserve the Dharma through embodying practice and teachings.

Justice: We respect the sacred web of life and are committed to social justice, inclusion, equity, accessibility, protection of nature, and systemic transformation.

Sacredness: We reclaim the sacred through integrating heart, mind and body, and respectfully learning from
mystical wisdom traditions, including honoring and re- integrating the Sacred Feminine.

Community: We honor the interconnectedness of all beings through caring for the Sangha and nurturing sacred kinship.

Integrity: We uphold the Triple Jewel (Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha) by orienting our lives to generosity, ethics, courage, compassion, service and devotion.

Collaboration: We lead collaboratively and center a diversity of voices and practices.